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Carolyn Dahl, Artist and Author

Welcome to Carolyn Dahl's Web Site.

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As an artist, Carolyn Dahl
creates dyed silk wall hangings, quilts, handmade paper baskets and vessels, drawings and prints, and multi-media collages. Her artworks have been exhibited throughout the United States and internationally in museums, galleries, books, and feature articles. Carolyn has demonstrated her techniques and artworks on Home & Garden Television on the Carol Duvall Show and Simply Quilts, and on PBS's Creative Living and Creative Sewing. She has also presented numerous workshops and lectures in the United States and Canada on surface design, nature printing, and creativity.

As an author, Carolyn Dahl
has written two art books and numerous magazine articles to share her experiences, knowledge, and passion as both an accomplished artist and teacher. Additionally, Carolyn's poems have been published in anthologies and journals, and she co-authored the poetry plus art book The Painted Door Opened. In 2015, she was selected the Grand Prize Winner in an ekphrastic poetry competition co-sponsored by Houston Public Poetry and the Museum of Fine Arts - Houston. Recently, her chapbook Art Preserves What Can't Be Saved was published by The Orchard Street Press.

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Enjoy browsing through Carolyn's books, artworks, calendar, and information about Carolyn. Visit the site again in the future, as Carolyn will feature new artworks and add information about exhibitions, awards, publications, and other events from time-to-time. If you wish to know more about specific works, please e-mail Carolyn at Dahlstudio@aol.com.

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