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Painted Door Cover

The Painted Door Opened: Poetry and Art

This "collaboration of attentions" by Carolyn and fellow poet and artist Carolyn Florek comprises three sections. The first section, Two Visions, presents poems by each on similar themes; the reader receives one poetic response to a subject, which is then supported, expanded, contrasted, or deepened by reading a second poetic version. The second section, Visual Poems, displays selected images of artworks by each, Carolyn Dahl's dyed and painted stitch-drawing fiber works and Carolyn Florek's acrylic on paper paintings. In the last section, Solo Visions, each poet goes her own way on topics that piqued their individual attentions and aesthetic sensibilities.

Natural Impressions Cover

Natural Impressions:
Taking an Artistic Path through Nature

Carolyn demonstrates nature printing techniques using leaves, flowers, fish, butterfly wings, and other objects from nature to create prints on paper and fabric with inks, paints, and dyes. Along with how-to techniques, Carolyn offers delightful, inspiring, and thoughtful essays and poems that convey her personal interactions with nature.

Transforming Fabric Cover

Transforming Fabric:
30 Creative Ways to Paint, Dye, and Pattern Cloth

Carolyn presents her innovative techniques for dyeing, painting, and patterning fabric for gorgeous quilts, silk paintings, wearables, and other art projects. As an experienced artist and teacher, she guides the reader with step-by-step processes, answers often-asked questions, and illustrates the techniques with her own and others' beautiful artworks.

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