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Transforming Fabric

30 Creative Ways to Dye, Paint, and Pattern Cloth

by Carolyn A. Dahl
Transforming Fabric Cover First Edition
Hardcover, 154 pages,
ISBN 1-57432-700-3
American Quilters Society
Transforming Fabric Cover Second Edition
Softcover, 160 pages,
175 color photos and illustrations,
ISBN 0-87349-616-7
Krause Publications (F&W Books)


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Rarely does one book provide you with all the secrets, instruction, inspiration, and information you'll need for years of successful dyeing, painting and patterning fabric. Ms. Dahl takes the reader on a comprehensive and entertaining journey through the world of surface design. As an experienced teacher, she simplifies the materials, answers the questions often asked, and makes you feel she's present, leading you step-by-step through each technique.

But it is her artist's heart that will make you want to begin your own journey. Through her stories and personal reflections, she reminds us of the real reason people of all centuries have painted fabric — the mystery and wonder of transforming white cloth with color and pattern.

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