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Transforming Fabric

by Carolyn A. Dahl


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International Quilting Times: England
....a good introduction for first time fabric colourists. Filled with fascinating background on the history of fabrics, the fibres used and the various methods of printing, painting and dyeing them. Her approach is to simplify the process of decorating a piece of white material, making the techniques seem accessible by her step by step format....There's a lot to read, including personal philosophies, expressed in a way that makes it hard to put the book down.

Art Quilt Magazine: Houston
Carolyn Dahl brings to her quilts and garments a total understanding of the methods used to transform fabrics with color from her successful career in fiber arts....she shares her methods as well as her creative approach to unique fabrics with a personal perspective....gathering together a huge assortment of methods, Carolyn organizes them into manageable chapters....a self-guided mini-workshop....Not only informative and inspiring, but also enjoyable reading. Transforming Fabric will change the way you work with fabric!

American Library Association: Chicago
Fabric can be transformed by innumerable procedures. Dahl's philosophy is the more one knows, the more control there is over the artistic process...Dahl begins with necessary background on cotton, silk, and rayon, and then plunges into dyeing, painting...Nature's influence is highly regarded and, consequently, instruction includes rain patterning, leaf printing, fish printing....No matter what new technology evolves, hand-designed fabrics will always be exciting; this is a book for any public library's arts and crafts collections.

Midwest Book Review: Wisconsin
Dahl presents an overview of surface design facts, simplifying materials, answering common questions, and providing recipes for success. Plenty of pattern samples and color photos throughout.

The Chattanooga Times: Tennessee
...a fine instructional book for the many ways to add surface design to cloth...Lovely examples in color, good directions and explanations.

Textile Fibre Forum: Australia
Numerous dyeing procedures...a huge number of methods...Very good on method; many intriguing examples of what they can produce.

Rubberstampmadness: Oregon
...Techniques in Transforming Fabric can be used or adapted to paper for stampers.....moreover, if you use fabric in other ways, as with mixed-media cards, collage or stamped wearables, you'll benefit from Dahl's workshop approach to integrating fabric into your art ... the book is excellent .....

Amazon Readers:
...clearly superior reference volume....reflects the author's dedication to artistry...Transforming Fabric is itself a work of art...for anyone interested in the fabric arts, this book is a must-buy! (Reader from Massachusetts)

TRANSFORMED ME!! .....knew immediately this was the book I had been searching for...I had to call the author and express my appreciation for her writing style and the techniques....looking at fabric took on a new meaning for me...I recommend this book to anyone that enjoys working with fabric...the author's experiences add to the pleasure of taking a piece of fabric and adding your personal touch without being an artist.... to the author--thanks and I'm waiting for #2! To the publisher...find more authors like Carolyn. (Reader from Southern California)

Fabric artists aren't the only ones who will be inspired. I will never look at a piece of fabric in the same way after reading Carolyn Dahl's beautifully written and generously illustrated book on fabric design..... there is much more here than the how-to of dyeing ... be entertained and inspired as Dahl awakens memories of childhood coloring books, leaf prints, iron-on designs......Connoisseurs of the decorative arts and those who are merely curious about the fabrics they wear and use in everyday life will find much to interest them....Dahl openly shares the secrets she has gleaned in art schools...hands out easy to follow directions...for the serious fabric artist, her book is the next best thing to having a master artist and craftsman with them in the studio...fresh imagery and lyrical expression set a new standard for "how-to" books. (Reader from Texas)
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