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Paper Baskets and Vessels

Frozen Lace Paper Basket

Paper has, for centuries, been utilized as a recording medium, either by receiving words and images (writing, etc.) or by becoming the message itself (life is fragile). Although my paper baskets and vessels may look empty, each one records how I experienced a life moment.

The design and colors hold my observations and emotional responses, while the manipulation of the handmade paper pulp collects the kinetic energy I expended during the creative process. Each work becomes a visible marking, a recording, a clue to something beautiful and important that has passed, but lingers in the vessel's interior space.

Frozen Lace Vessel
hand-dyed cotton and abaca paper pulp
18"w x 12"h
Flying X Paper Vessel Flying X Paper Vessel Interior
Flying X Basket
hand-dyed cotton and abaca paper pulp
19"w x 12"h
As seen in Lark Books' 500 Baskets
Flying X Vessel
Pisces Paper Vessel Pisces Paper Vessel Interior
Pisces Basket
hand-dyed cotton and abaca paper pulp
21"w x 13"h
Pisces Basket
Star Bridges Paper Basket Star Bridges Interior Star Bridges Detail
Star Bridges Basket
hand-dyed cotton and abaca paper pulp
19"w x 14"h
Star Bridges
Star Bridges


These large baskets and vessels are made from a mixture of abaca and cotton paper pulp. The pulp is dyed into a spectrum of individual colors, then each color (or a mixture of colors for a tweed-like effect) is inlaid and shaped by hand into the intended design. Each basket and vessel is double-walled for strength which allows the artist to create different designs on the exterior and interior of the shape. After the wet pulp dries, additional paper-formed embellishments (dots, disks, tubes) are added for a rich textural surface.

If you are interested in these and/or other paper baskets and vessels for an exhibition or to purchase, please contact Carolyn at Dahlstudio@aol.com.

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