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© Blind Drawings

Drawing One "After eye surgery, while I waited for my vision to be restored fully so I could work again, I began doing drawings with my eyes closed. I'd place the pencil on the paper and just let it move with my mind. Many of the faces were unrecognizable with my nose, eyes, and mouth all on top of each other. But some of the results surprised me when I opened my eyes. Later when my eyesight was healed enough to work details, I returned to the drawings and added color and pattern to the black-and-white lines."
© Blind Drawing with Striped Collar
Laser Copy Print of Original Drawing
4 ½"w x 5 ¼"h
Price: $40 (unframed)
"Each of the © Blind Drawings in this series is a type of psychological self-portrait in which I depict the moment my eye broke and I was afraid I'd lose my vision permanently. But they also represent the sometimes strange and wonderful light shows, unique patterns, and changing optical illusions I experience." Drawing Two
© Blind Drawing with Wavy Hair
Laser Copy Print of Original Drawing
4 ½"w x 5 ½"h
Price: $40 (unframed)
Drawing Three "I continue these drawings whenever I want to make art but my eyes are too tired to join me. Someday I hope to produce an artist's book that combines my drawings with my writings. I know that without losing some vision, I would never have found these visions, these © Blind Drawings."
© Blind Drawing with Red Hands
Laser Copy Print of Original Drawing
5 ¾"w x 7 ½"h
Price: $40 (unframed)
If you would like to learn how to make your own © Blind Drawing portraits,
consult Carolyn's book, Transforming Fabric.

If you are interested in these and/or other drawings for an exhibition or to purchase, please contact Carolyn at Dahlstudio@aol.com.

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