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Nature Prints

The Gathering Searching for the Gift
The Gathering
Prints of Butterfly Wings and Iris Plants

This print was awarded Second Place
in the North American Butterfly Association
2005 Art Competition.
Searching for the Gift
Collage of Leaf, Flower, and
Nature Board Prints
19" h x 15" w

"Nature Prints are about more than making art from actual objects. The beauty we see, the diversity of forms we touch, and the sense of reconnecting with nature while printing, all have the potential to lead us to new creative and personal insights. Whether you want to make an elegant botanical print, or integrate your prints into larger compositions, you're making contact with the amazing world that sustains you." Butterflies & Pears
Butterflies & Pears
Nature Print Collage
22 ½" h x 17 ½" w
Flight Fantasy Flowers
Nature Print Collage
12" h x 16" w
Fantasy Flowers
Nature Print Collage
22" h x 30" w
Vision Lost, Vision Gained Eyelid Landscape
Vision Lost, Visions Gained
Collage of Photo Transfer, Leaf, and
Nature Board Prints
16" h x 27" w
Eyelid Landscape
Collage of Flower and Nature Board Prints
15 ½" h x 19" w

See Carolyn's books, Natural Impressions and Transforming Fabric to learn how to make your own beautiful nature prints.

If you are interested in these and/or other nature prints for an exhibition or to purchase, please contact Carolyn at Dahlstudio@aol.com.

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